I really tried.

I really tried to play halo guardians on arena, but they are not fixing the real issues, every match i play it’s like hell, once in a match i get killed when i respawn, my spartan it’s not even conscious he just respawned and he is dead by a granade or the whole enemy team respawns just beside me. The radar is useless, just when you are getting assasinated it apears on the ledge the red dot. It’s frustrating that things like this happen in a new title, things that doesn’t happen in halo 4. They have al this halo’s they can compare to and they just try to change everything everytime they deliver a new product.
For me it’s frustrating. I’m nearly done. I’ve been a fan since Halo CE, i’ve seen him changing trought the years but it’s just going down. I think there are more people complaining on how they are ruinning halo, but they just don’t listen. They should listen to the important thing the community has to say.

Same here. Arena isn’t fun, only frustrating. Warzone doesn’t scratch that Halo itch that I have. And the Campaign wasn’t that good. The only saving grace this game has now is the new BTB playlist, it’s really fun. But there are a lot of issues with it. Why is it ranked? Why is team killing enabled? The seemingly carelessness that 343i puts towards this game blows my mind. People don’t always want to play hyper competitive. I have no idea why they launched this game with no social playlists. I don’t want Warzone, and I don’t want to play full tilt every game, I just want to go in and have some fun with my friends. Ranks make this impossible. And in the first playlist they release post launch, a playlist that has never in the history of Halo been ranked, they make it ranked.

I just don’t know anymore. 343i doesn’t seem to understand what made past Halo titles good. When me and all my friends need to go back and play the MCC right after a brand new Halo game was released obviously something is wrong. I just hope that either 343i fix what makes Halo 5 not that fun, or 343i is taken off of development for Halo 6.