I really tried to like this game...

I didn’t voice my concerns over the past six months because I wanted to wait to play the game before forming an opinion on it. Now that I’ve played it I can tell you it is everything I was afraid it would be. This game simply shows how out of touch 343 is with what the community wants, or more likely it shows just what community they are marketing this game towards.

I can make a big rant about all that I think is wrong with this game (like others are doing and like they should bedoing) but in the end it’s pointless. This game, at it’s core, is not the halo we all grew up and loved and therefore no amount of title updates is ever going to change that.

So you want Halo to stay the same for 11+ years? Yeah, that makes sense.

Look, the market isn’t what it used to be back in 2001, so Halo needs to have new features in order to compete with all of the new flashy things in the market like Crysis, Call of Duty, and many other titles. If it stayed the same, then sure, it would still be really fun, but would be left in the dust by all of the other things in the market for being “stale”.

No. No one is saying Halo should be the same thing every release. Games need to innovate in order to compete with the ever evolving market. What we got wasn’t innovation though, what we got was imitation. Rather than expand on Halo’s already stellar mechanics and gameplay, 343 adopted formulas from other triple A titles. The reason Halo was and, I imagine regardless of what we think, will continue to be such a powerhouse was because of it’s unique style of gameplay. As it is now, the gameplay, though still technically Halo, doesn’t feel like Halo anymore.

Go play Halo: CE then.

Dont like, dont play. Simple as that.

Halo ce/1/2/3/reach/4 dint innovate either. Halo one made fps games on consoles more popular. Like goldeneye on the n64. (The game some of your dads refer to as amazing for its time) infact it did do one thing different than cod or others. Random item drops based not on kills but what you did and how well you did it.

The core mechanics feel great in this game.

The issue is in the mentality of the game…

> join session in progress
> no competitive play
> weapon spawns

I can get over all the additions like load outs and non-balanced starts; but 343, give us something play for. Halo forgot that winning mattered.