I really need to know 343I

343I, can you please go out and just say what your plan is regarding PVE modes?
I’m desperate at knowing if we will get some cool PVE modes. I’m a PVE gamer most of the time, and are sticking to Infinite just for my hope and dreams of PvE coming.
You don’t need to show anything, just say what your plans are.
If it’s planned at all, or not coming at all or if it’s coming next year or something.

I just need to know 343I. I can’t continue to buy stuff from your store if you’re not going to implement PVE modes.

Some quick idea/suggestion for PVE:
• Would be awesome to have some raid stuff like Destiny 2 has, those types of gamemodes are addictive.
• Flood survival would be popular for sure. You could do so much creative stuff to a flood survival mode.
Like progressing through maps by opening doors by personal score and upgrading weapons, and use upgraded equipment items.

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I know a lot of people who loved the PvE stuff in Halo 5, myself included.

Really hoped for a mention of this already but I guess with the current fires engulfing Infinite right now we won’t hear about it for years to come.

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