I really like the radar changes they made to non ranked modes

Good change. I’m no longer getting dropped by enemies two feet away. Thank you


I don’t really tbh. It makes focusing on the motion tracker WAY too much of a priority, forcing me to not pay as much attention to what’s in front of me. A lot of the maps are sized such that you know where enemies halfway across the map are. For the most part we had eyes and ears plus the regular motion tracker already. Though I suppose this could be an accessibility change.

It’s definitely an accesibility change, I have terrible spatial awareness and apparently that translates to video games. I’m definitely getting hit less by people i should have seen or heard.

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I’m not a fan of the changes, but I also skew towards playlists without the radar.

I don’t like crouch walking (maybe that’s just my button layout), so I liked that normal walking wasn’t detected.

I’m talking about the change they made this season, not that one.

So you’re saying it makes it play like Halo used to? Yeah I’m okay with that. Weird take to want the radar to be useless when you’re playing a Halo game…

It balances sprint even more so I like it. Haven’t played much with it as I stick mostly to ranked, but I’m sure it will come in very handy in BTB.


Yes they radar feels pretty ok right now.