I REALLY hate the Potato head Flood >:(

They’re such a pain to kill, because of the explosions, and even if I do I have to kill all the infection forms that come out, not to mention there are WAY too many of them.

I Hate Potato Head Flood >:(((((((

I love how everyone has their own names for the Flood forms. I used to call Infection forms jellyfish and the Carrier forms puffods.

I used to call infection forms spiders and the carrier forms giant head

Its popcorn head.
Get it right next time!

The carriers pimples, infections pop-its

Infection forms are called poppy-things for me and the bulbs ones are called Explody-things i don’t have names for the others lol

I call them by their given names. And when I explain the flood, I keep using flood super cell this flood supercell that.

I’m probably the most un-creative guy ever lol.

The little infection forms I called ‘Little guys’.

I called the carrier forms the ‘exploding guys’.

I also called those big hulk things in Halo 3 ‘Hunter Flood’ :slight_smile:

I call the exploding ones ‘fatties’. I also call the big ones from Halo 3 ‘Wanna Be Hunters’.

The infection forms are “popcorn,” the carrier forms are “those rassum frassum exploding ones” and the combat forms are “combat forms.” Go figure.

> Its popcorn head.
> Get it right next time!

That’s what I always called them too!

I honestly think the new graphics are a big part of the reason I loved the Library this time around. all those little particle effects made it so rewarding to spray through a bunch of infection forms…

I had Poppers for Carrier Forms, Popcorn for Infection forms (I laughed at popcorn.gif), and Combat forms I called Zombies.

I called them the “Pregnant Ones” or “Mothers”.

infecton forms ‘MENI’ (very fitting i think) and carriers ‘poppy dudes’

I called infection forms “Radar cloggers” and carriers “Fat Harries”

No offense intended to anybody named Harry, of course

halo 2 was my first halo game and the carrier guys give out way more infection forms

me and my mate just started shouting “incoming pregnant dude” whenever we saw one and the little guys “sp­erm” because we were yound and pathetic it was funny to say iv got sp­erm all over me or incoming -Yoink!-

I always call the Carriers 'Splodeheads, and the little ones are just beasties.

Pro Tip: Hit them with a sticky and then pop them with the shotgun before the grenade goes off. Takes out the ‘spores’ before they are able to disperse.

I used to call the infection forms popcorn haha. But I did notice that they toned down the damage that the carriers dish out when they explode. Halo 1 was brutal.

I called them Bomb Flood.