I really dislike the random vehicle spawn system in BTB

I was just playing a close ctf game on Deadlock, 0-0 but both teams were pulling flags and just getting stopped. Then, in what I could only describe as a cruel trick played on my team by the guardians themselves. The game decided to give the other team a scorpion and banshee with 2 minutes left while not giving us anything. Eventually they took the flag and capped in sudden death.

I wish we just had static spawns on these maps like we used to. I don’t mind losing I just don’t want it to be by some AI system that’s rigging the game against me.


Honestly having Big utility vehicles in BIG TEAM BATTLE is something that should just be self explanatory. No one asked for this idk why it was changed.

Cos the map feels big but it’s actually multiple arenas packed together in a large map.
constant vehicle spawns will make the maps really suffocated by vehicles.

in view of the suspiciously specific challenge system, it was changed because the new vehicle spawn system is just (like everything else in this game) in service of monetization. It’s not a coincidence that 343 is offering challenge swaps only for money while people get stuck with destroy x wraiths/scorpions challenges and so on.

the truth is that the whole infinite multiplayer experience is based around manipulating players in the most perfidious and cunning way into spending real money.

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Yeah, me too.

It’s more like the vehicles will be suffocated by the maps. If we got more vehicle-friendly maps, it would be fine. 343 if you’re reading this, can we please get a Blood Gulch remake?

Blood Gulch or Sidewinder.
Both good maps.

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