I Reached mythic today

Hi Community, I reached the mythic rank today and I have proof of it here.

Anyway, I want to ask you, What is your rank in Reach? And how many cR do you have to go to get to the next rank?

Cool, I’m a Field Marshall and I’m halfway through the bar at the moment :).

I am NOVA & need a little over 1.2 Million until my next rank which is FORERUNNER

Nova and about 1.7 million until Forerunner. I quit playing when school started because I was waiting for the CEA maps. :stuck_out_tongue:

You may look up ranks of gamertags and credit till @ bungie.net

Currently an Eclipse, which means the next one for me is Nova. Current credit stands at… 1705651 / 2500000, so it looks like I’ve got some dailies and weeklies to knock out, but hey, I’m in no hurry. I just want to be a Nova by Halo 4 so…

random but ok. forerunner, and halfway through. so about another 1.7mil

Congratulations, I’m at Noble now. Need about another 500,000 to rank up to Eclipse.

another Noble here about 600k to Eclipse

I’m an Eclipse, and I need approximately 1,600,000 to cR to get to Nova

Colonel and proud.

1,000,000 cR to Noble.

I’m a General grade 2 and I am halfway through the bar.

Forerunner (50% to Reclaimer).

I’m only a Warrant officer grade 3 :frowning: only a very small amount of cR until I’m Captain though. I was a Major on my other user before I got XBOX live but I made a new one for XBOX live

So close to mythic as well