I quit till crossplay is optional and you ban AFK players

I dont want to play with pc players. There are cheaters, they can fire any weapon faster due to the stroller or even the default mouse click is easier, the latency is a joke to the point my shots dont count and I get shot through walls even on 28-30ping.

Half the game modes are dominated by pc mouse users, swat is a great example. The only time I can have a chill game is verse other console players. Even if I go to do ranked with only Controller input pc players get a stronger AA and once again latency is a huge issue.

I hardly ever verse console players, I check every match. Worst part is I can hit every shot and lose a battle because of the latency. I’m getting about 45-55% accuracy and it’s still not even able to compete.

Another issue with ranked is it means f all. I’m a solo player who will constantly be out ranked, most of the time the enemy team way out ranks my team. And that’s if I’m lucky not to get someone go AFK at game start.

Even in social I get AFK players, I’d go as far as saying 50% of my games get an AFK player on my team.

I had to pay £10 to have some form of a progression system and I struggle to even chill and have fun in the game because it’s just mega sweaty every game when I just want to relax and play.

Until you administer bans and make crossplay optional I’m out.


MCC let us toggle crossplay, there is absolutely no excuse that we can’t have the option in Infinite.

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