I Purchased Two Premium Req Bundles.

When I Purchased Halo 5 I Was Excited About Warzone So I Purchased The Limited Edition As Well As An Extra Warzone Req Bundle At GameStop. I Put Both Codes In And Understood That I Would Get 14 Weeks Of 2 Req Packs Each. It’s Starting Week 8 And I Haven’t Received My Req Packs. I Contacted Xbox Support And They Couldn’t Help Me. They Told Me To Make A Post, So Here It Is. HaloWaypoint If You Could Help That Would Be Great.


I have the same issue and only made the second purchase AFTER reading a thread in the support forum a couple of days ago where a representative from 343 indicated that we could get 7 more weeks if we repurchased the Warzone Req Bundle.

I also bought a 2nd pack and support made me post on waypoint too. Looks like we are both stuck. It’s been a week with no refund, all because a member of 343 said you CAN get a 2nd pack.

Here for the exact same reason. Xbox support gave the run-around. You would think that the Req bundles would just pick up were the previous bundle ended

You can only purchase the Warzone REQ Bundle once. Purchasing multiple Warzone REQ Bundles will not grant you more REQ Packs.

However, if you redeemed a second code from a retail or online 3rd party (we know who you are!), we’ll be in touch soon about next steps for your account. We apologize for the confusion.

Additionally, more information in regards to the Warzone REQ Bundle can be found here:

I got a req bundle with the game. Then i purchased 5 more from gamestop thinking id get two every week for a while. I’ve received maybe 10-12 reqs but none today. From what i saw on here you can only get one set of reqs??? Does anyone know if its true or not? I didn’t spend $125 on nothing. What the hell is going on. 343 we want answers!!!

343, is there any news on what is going on about the 2nd Premiums? Will the “steps for -my- account” apply in the UK also?


Yup the biggest issue is that there’s no disclaimer on the cards and that they’d even allow you to redownload. I wouldn’t mind getting 25$ worth of gold packs for a refund.