I present to you: Teabag Confirmed!

Hello there!

There’s a gametype/playlist that I came up with yesterday that I’d like to spread.
A gametype that’s similar to the CoD’s “Kill confirmed”, but in this case, after you’ve killed them, you have to run up to the body and -Yoink!- it! :smiley:

Here’s the description word for word from the 343i forum:

"What’s up everyone!

There’s an idea that I thought and came up with last night. Maybe a lot of people already thought of it already but I’ve never seen it anywhere so I’ll bring it up here for discussion.

The idea is “-Yoink!- Confirmed”!
If you’ve played “Kill Confirmed” in Call of Duty, then perhaps you know right away what I’m talking about. In this case it should work for slayer and team slayer. You kill and then have to -Yoink!- the body in order to score for your team or yourself. The body however, will also be available for the other team to come and deny the confirmation (meaning if they walk up to the corpse, they’ve removen the possibility for the other team to score through teabagging the body).

Denying the score through teabagging does not score for you, it only prevents the enemy team from scoring. Since walking over the body is all that takes to deny it, it shouldn’t deserve score :slight_smile:

When you’re playing free for all (regular slayer/rumble pit), The only one who should be able to score is the killer, and the only one able to deny the score should be the victim. Thereby the respawning should be in normal state.

That was it. If I’ve missed anything or if you have other ideas for improvement, please leave a reply.

Thank you!"

Feel free to discuss! Any help like RT or replies would be appreciated!

Link to the 343i forum:

Now, THIS, this I get behind. I love the idea!

wow, you sir are a genius.

This would be okay for a game that doesn’t take itself seriously, like Team Fortress 2 or Saints Row.
Amusing idea nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue:

> This would be okay for a game that doesn’t take itself seriously, like Team Fortress 2 or Saints Row.
> Amusing idea nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah my exact thought.
If this was to happen I would only want it in Halo 3 where TB actually works unlike in other Halo games. It annoys me when people attempt it in Halo 4 and it doesn’t work. Halo 3 is the perfect place for this, though personally I wouldn’t want it.
Unique concept though!

I could maybe see this working, but I can’t stand teabagging.

So all I would see then is people hump everyone?
No thanks.
I also see other just wait for their teammate to get killed or let it get killed to sniper the one that wanna hump it.

I see what you are saying. They stole our games modes. Lets repay the favour.

this will be AWESOME…

> wow, you sir are a genius.


but sucks to be a Sniper lol. This will be challenging seeing how we always appear on radar. I bet this would be a frustrating game, especially with slower kill times. Great idea though lol

oh my god yes!

This wouldn’t help our war with the CoD fanboys but this is pure gold