I predicted Halos impending downfall years ago

Do not make nonconstructive posts.


About one month after Halo 4 came out and died within a month. I called it. I said 343 were in over their heads and that Halo without Bungie was finished. Many fanboys got angry at me and said things such as “bu bu Destiny sucks and Reach sucks”.

Well here we are 3 attempts later and Halo Infinite has hit rock bottom. Even as a F2P game that launched simultaneously on PC and 2 generations of Xbox consoles and there’s probably less than 10k total players combined at peak hours and the game isn’t even 9 months old.

Told ya so.


10k is like 10x what Halo 4 had though after 9 months, to be fair


Studio literally named after a character who killed a fan favourite hero. It’s so poetically beautiful if only it weren’t so damn sad.


I was one of those many people that left after a month when h4 launched. Never went back


Can you post some proof of your claims on how you “predicted Halo’s impending downfall”?

Being F2P and multi-platform alone doesn’t make a game worth sticking to. The problem that plagued (and still plague) this game is enough to scare players away if it seems like they’re not getting fixed even if the hope for a proper Halo in the age of BR’s is enough to attract 260k players opening day.


i dont care for halos story much. I watched the tv show, it started ok but even i knew they made a mistake designing a story where MasterChef has his helmet off 90% of the time and never neediing to be combat ready. cortana taking over master chiefs mind was the icing on the cake. they needed to keep the show grounded, things like “blessed ones” kills the mysticism of master chief. Cortana taking over his body makes it even worse.

Bungie was not this flawless creative powerhouse everyone wants to remember! They were a small studio that drove themselves into financial ruin after a series of costly mistakes. They stumbled into a one of kind IP through 2 devs working on a side project. It was a right place right time moment when Microsoft plucked them out of the ashes in Exhange for a new IP for their upcoming console launch. But just because Bungie was under a parent company now did not stop them from repeating their past mistakes.

Halo a positively received game to the world but was not without its flaws. Criticized at the time for its repetitive level designs, diversity of enemies and cut multiplayer. Multiplayer something that the masses would crucify a studio for today. It was not until later that we would find out why but that was just the beginning. Over promising Microsoft, a new IP in under a year lead to time crunch resulting in cut content, copy and pasting, story patching, and the cutting and rework of multiplayer. Something that is happily overlooked by Bungie fanboys that are quick to crucify 343i over forge & co-op. Halo had an average initial sell in no way recuperating production nor the acquisition costs but overall sold 5.5 million lifetime copies.

Halo 2 again was received positively but was criticized for its story. Cret eking its messy plot with the dual story perspective and its ending. Like its predecessor we wouldn’t know the whole story until much later. Over promising again resulted in crunch that led to cut content, story patching, and a rework. This wasn’t the only contributing factor to the messy plot, a lack cohesive creative vision led to multiple story lines and plots leading to cut content and the dual perspective. Multiplayer also was criticized for its large number of cheaters. Bungie implemented the first automated ban system that to was criticized for not only missing cheaters but banning legitimate players as well. Halo 2 had an explosive release even with a year delay and selling 8.46 million lifetime copies.

Halo 3 was received positively but criticized for its short story, back seating of certain characters, lack of unique boss fights and graphics. Overall production went smooth beside a few last-minute level and weapon reworks. Again, multiplayer was criticized for it ban system not being much of an improvement. Halo 3 untimely had record breaking initial sales and selling 14.5 million copies lifetime.

Halo ODST was generally positively received but had mixed reviews easily making it Bungies most controversial game. Criticized for its short story, price point, engine, narrative design, and lack of matchmaking. Overall halo ODST was intended DLC released as a full game at full price to obfuscate Bungies contractual obligations to Microsoft. ODST sold well on release and had a lifetime 6.35 million copies sold.

Halo Reach was received positively and remains Bungies least criticized game beside multiplayer issues with d-sync and balancing. Halo reach sold 9.87 million copies lifetime.

My point is Bungie is a good studio that produced good games, but they were nowhere near this standard that we think we held them to at the time. Plus, these criticisms aren’t even comparable to what the community thought at the time. Try going back to the forums and reading those I’m telling you; your mind will be blown away. Ultimately we need to stop bashing 343i because of some false nostalgia we had for Bungie. Posts like these give nothing to the conversation, Give them legitimate criticism and express ideas otherwise, we are getting nowhere and killing our own community in the process.


Just because they released one flawed game, doesn’t mean they couldn’t have gotten their act together and made something great.

Now obviously that didn’t happen, but what you made is a pretty simple (and not terribly uncommon) statement from back then.

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Nostradamus has come back!

The defense force will always reveal their true form eventually. They always resort to, “Halo was never good”.
You have no power here.

They’d sure like it if we could all shut up and stop making valid points :rofl:

Don’t think there are many saying that. In fact, most people seem to either love Halo Reach or Halo 3. Destiny has a massive fanbase. I think you may just be saying this to push your point.

Has it? It isn’t in a great state, but it seems there are tons of people talking about it still. The recent drop pod got the game trending on Twitter. I saw Atriox and Mk VII trending too.
There is hype for the game, just not inside. I think that once 343 fixes bugs, gets Forge up, and has an interesting season next time (maybe an integrated story created with Forge? Some Fracture variants of maps?), people will definitely come back.

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i’d still rather play infinite over destiny 1 & 2. simply because i hate online only games.

bungie was good up till post reach, then they turned to creating games for profits only. i don’t support that kind of gaming and from what i’ve seen the campaigns for those games are nothing to write home about.

pvp focused games riddled with mtx and raids are meh…

Uhh worst kind of people “I told ya so” and are happy about it…

Destiny has been making some huge changes and not for the better, all for profit, but playing Destiny is still far more entertaining than playing Infinite, simply put, there is nothing to do in this game. Almost a year after release and the game is still riddled with bugs, no PVE, no co-op, no campaign DLC, the same maps, Blah Blah Blah.

Go play Destiny with friends or use matchmaking and do strikes with randoms, do events in the PVE open world with randoms working towards an objective, and right away it’s obvious there are things that 343 should have included in Halo, not to be like Destiny, but to be better than Destiny.

Halo Infinite released with no social aspect to the game at all, how on earth can a AAA game company be so clued out, it’s a game, and games are meant to be played with friends and other people, the social components to a game should not be an afterthought, something to get added to the game later, if ever.

I guess they are too busy doing quality of life stuff in the back-end to fix parts of the game that they didn’t build right, only what ever they are doing, nothing seems to change anything that is negatively effecting the game.

If they were going to add something to the game you would expect it to be Campaign DLC, open world related, because people pay for that portion of the game, It’s amazing 343 has gotten away with this.

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Never said halo was no good and stated the exact opposite actually.

I never defended 343i; the same point I made about Bungie could be made about 343i. Simply pointed out that Bungie wasn’t the messiah we make them out to be today.

What valid point? In the original piece, his only point is a rehashed I told you so Halo is dead. Which is based on shotty statistics at best half the story.

On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everything drops to zero.

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I liked Halo 4 a lot and still do. Sure the story wasn’t the greatest, but for their first game into the series it’s not terrible. I’d argue Halo 5 is where the bovine waste started to hit the fan. The multiplayer feedback that was acted upon was almost exclusively from streamers/ sweats, and the monetization hell hole began forming with the introduction of loot boxes and fomo items which later formed into the monetization hellscape that Infinite has become now.

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