I played the 1st time CoD (MW) 2

it is very diffcult for me to lend a game – but luckily this still works for the 360.
so i got cod 2 and cod mw2 and played both the first time in my life.
well cod 2 was almost like an warmovie for me – just that it was a game. i felt a bit lost –
mw2 felt even more strange for me.
i mean you are a soldier there and you have to fight against other ones – and you dont have that clear goal in front of your eyes – exept to end something – but – – i dunno.
i felt realy helpless and a bit like a leaf in the wind.
a lot of humans i was able to talk to said: cod is “realistic”.
in weapons of course – there are a lot of things out there like in mw2 – –
but the feelings – i dunno. that was something new for me – and of course there are not the right words out there to explain them – – again.
a bit like: no chances to alt something – no chances to do the right things – just follow orders (like a soldier) – or the script of the game.
and the thing is – the script was made without any philosophy in its back.
i mean – do you feel that this is “realistic” – do you feel that way? – so helpless against everything? so lost in everything like in the conflict of mw2? –
makes me sad in a way – and reflective – – –
“on the way to the ideal future dont ask: what still went wrong. ask how many catastrophes never happened.” -(yep its a quote – but cant say source)

If you’d like to discuss the COD games, I encourage you to do so on their forums. While we are okay with some generic gaming discussion here, COD/MW discussion won’t end well.

Thanks for understanding.