i played halo 4.

and i liked it. overall, i cant -Yoink- about anything in this game yet. Except the amount of vehicles in big team(exile…) other wise. Simply put, this game is just enough of a balancing act to make me love it.

fall damage… its there but its enough to not have to worry about or freak me out.
weapon bloom? seems fair.
armor abilities? lol i think maybe the jetpack is a tiny bit OP. But i love it.
sprint by default is nice
FLOOD… dear god, i love that you added a new character model only for this.

the inability to pick up fallen grenades lacking a perk for it has me feeling a bit underwhelmed. Simply put, its a nuisance merely because i have to actually use them intelligently while i still have them.

i think u should be able to pick up nades when u walk over them not have to use a perk

WOW u played Halo 4?
And is it a good game?
I just played the beta…

Yeah, I like it too. Haters gonna hate… Trolls gonna troll… and I’m going to enjoy Halo 4. I understand that Halo 4 COULD be much better in terms of competitiveness but TBH I haven’t enjoyed a Halo game this much since Halo 2.

INB4 “You’re the reason competitive Halo is dead”