I noticed something about calls out in competitive

No one uses actual call outs. They just call out the stronghold placement no matter the gamemode.

My friends do this too instinctvly. It’s the first Halo game I’ve seen that happen. Maybe it happened with some people in the beginning of Halo 5 but for the most part I feel like everyone made an effort to know atlteast the basic main callouts back then. When you go to use the corner of the screen call out, no one knows what your talking about. I mostly don’t speak for the most part unless someone asks mic check. And when I do use the mic I don’t use the corner screen call outs but I noticed that times I tried it wasn’t as effective as “here’s near the left of B” or 'hes in the middle of B and C".

This doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s not something I care about but I do find it kind of odd the calls out have been simplified to this level. Maybe the game is still early. Maybe people don’t watch HCS. Maybe people just don’t care. Who knows, but I do see a difference.

There’s a few problems with those call outs, but they are better then nothing. Couple easy points is that people use them when they shouldn’t use them. Like they target an enemy the person can clearly take himself. This could lead his teammates to the enemy when they could be focusing something more important. As well as making one call out and having you’re entire team focus it down as well when everyone being there isn’t necessary.

They should be used along side voice/text chat to clarify what’s going on over there and how many people you need.

Pro teams probably mostly rely on vocal calls outs probably. As well as screen watching teammates.

True but that can be said for any fallout. If the team is not focusing on the more important thing already the team is already not doing good.

I really want an overlay where I can set the opacity so I can see who’s talking at a glance.

When it comes to full team play callouts are far different. Everyone knows where everyone is at all times so it’s just a matter of being fast enough to get to the big fight.