i never got my challenge armor from my company

so i havent received my special kill challenge armor from this company ive been in for like 3 years now and i would love to know why the hell i havent gotten any of my armor for the challenges that we all took part in

If you are referring to the Achilles armor, you need to join a company before the company unlocks Achilles in order to get Achilles yourself. If you join the company after they’ve already unlocked Achilles, you will not get it.

So first, check your collection and make sure you don’t already have Achilles (it may have been sent directly to your collection, instead of giving you a REQ pack to open). Second, you need to make sure you joined the company before they had unlocked any of the Achilles items. Looking at the company roster, you’re towards the bottom, meaning you’ve spent less time in the company than most of your fellow members. Just because the company is 3 years old doesn’t mean you’ve spent 3 years in it. If you left the company at any time and they got Achilles while you were gone, then that would also prevent you from getting Achilles. See if you can find the date your company unlocked Achilles (your company’s leadership may know), and then cross-reference that with the day you joined the company (you should have a PM somewhere that confirms you joined).