I Need You!

Hey guys!
So I am just getting into this website with the upcoming Halo 4 release, I get more, and more excited each day. I have a Halo: Reach clan, and we already won a clan battle (it was an unexpected one).

By that I mean Our clan was playing team slayer, and at the last three kills we realized the other team was another clan. Called USMC, but there are probably about thirty called that :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways I am not sure if it counts, but OH WELL.

The clan is named: Battalion 54. Currently there are three members, and I am looking for 9 more.

If you want to join, I need an application>

  1. What you’re best at: Sniping, suppressive fire etc.
  2. What is your favorite gametype.
  3. Do you get angry often? and How many times do you rage a day?
  4. Do you get along with others well?
  5. Why should I pick you?
  6. Are you good at forging?
  7. How good are you with a DMR?
  8. Which Halos have you played? (list them all).
  9. What is your gamertag?
  10. How often can I summon you?

That is all, thanks for applying if you do, and if not :confused: Well, have a nice day!

Ok so I want to join a clan that can actually win a match of SWAT. it’s my favorite game mode but I like everything too, for the most part.

I’m best in a few things: Pistols, DMRs, spartan lasers, plasma pistols, kind of sniping, and I kick trash in a warthog. In most game modes I spawn camp the enemys base.:slight_smile:

Fav. Game type is BTB and SWAT

I get along with anyone but trash-talkers and never rage-quit.

My k/d is roughly around 1.4 and I’m a brigadier grade 3 (I got the game in December) I’m also a team player

I don’t spend too much time forging, mostly matchmaking.

I’m awesome with the DMR but suck with the assault rifle

I’ve played every single halo since the day they came out


Ill join whenever I’m on for the most part and I can communicate as long as u guys are actually talking about the game cuz I want to win

Send a message to my gamer tag if u want me in the clan, also with call tag and color scheme

  1. What you’re best at: Running around and DMRing :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. What is your favorite gametype: TU BTB Slayer.
  3. Do you get angry often? and How many times do you rage a day: Depends, really.
  4. Do you get along with others well: Great!
  5. Why should I pick you: I feel that I could be a chill, cool person. And plus, I need to play Halo with someone :P.
  6. Are you good at forging: No idea… I’ve never really tried it before.
  7. How good are you with a DMR: It’s my top weapon.
  8. Which Halos have you played: Halo CE, CE:A, Halo 2 (dual needlers <3), Halo 3, ODST, Reach.
  9. What is your gamertag: DeadNames
  10. How often can I summon you: Anytime. It’s varying now, as I have camp from 9-3 EST.

I’ll give this clan a shot.

  1. Suppressive fire when in groups, I’m a supportive player.
  2. Alone, Infection. With a friend, Invasion. With a team, Slayer.
  3. Angry? No. And I rage once maybe 2-3 weeks, but unrelated to gaming.
  4. Absolutely, as long as they themselves do.
  5. I have nothing better to do, and I’m spending my time filling this out for you.
  6. I like to think I am :v
  7. Decent, not the worst but certainly not the best.
  8. Guess I’ll list chronological- Halo Wars, Halo: Reach, Halo CE, Halo CEA, Halo 2, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 3.
  9. Tackelberry212
  10. When I am online, about 75% percent of the time you can summon me. If not then I am busy doing Machinima stuff.
  1. What you’re best at. My attributes are all even. Not good but pretty good in all areas
    of battle. But Id have to say that no one is more aware than I am nor as nice and respectful as I am. Nor does anyone have the love and compassion for halo like me.

  2. What is your favorite gametype. MLG. I am not being cocky but this is just a fact. I play arena and as well as all other games I go at least positive 12 or more, but when I play mlg I am a little above average. Sometimes I cut even but Its the only mode that challenges me. If there was a big team mlg than Id play that forever.

  3. Do you get angry often? and How many times do you rage a day? I never get angry when I play however I do get upset when my peers or other players tend do disrespect other players. For instance I loath insulting and fighting. It gets me so furious. I try and do my best to encourage others and defend others who are attacked. I always say Make the world better, not worse. And If I won’t who will?

  4. Do you get along with others well? I do…when I have the chance. I honestly don’t to many friends anymore along with work and what not. Most people I play with had to deal with life or lost the fun in this great hobby we all share. But I do and I try my best to enjoy the company of all who play with me. I am a nice person and love to share something like halo with others.

  5. Why should I pick you? That choice is your decision. But I will say this and this alone. You may find someone out there in this universe better than me. But I will always stick with halo. My father was a very cruel person who did not let me do anything I wanted to in my life. I was pushed for 15 years to play baseball my whole life. After he ruined a perfect opportunity to get a scholarship, I was lost without a purpose. Trying to deal with all the nonsense in my life without narcotics or any type of influence from the outside…I found halo. In a way it saved me. When others cease to play I will continue on. I love halo. It helps me define who I am.

  6. Are you good at forging? I like forge a lot. I love making infected maps. SO MUCH. But Ive also wanted to do famous bases in the halo universe but I could use some help.

  7. How good are you with a DMR? I would prefer the DMR over all weapons including the sniper rifle. I honestly think its the best weapon in the most recent of halo games. I can usually take to people out at the same time in MLG. I honestly think its my best weapon. I am even better with it when gloom is activated.

  8. Which Halos have you played? (list them all). ALL. Even HALO WARS. I still do to this day.

  9. What is your gamertag? My gamertag is Crusaded Vision. Please contact me through XBL PLEASE

  10. How often can I summon you? I have a full time job I have Monday nights off. Tuesday mornings off. Wednesday morning off. WEEKENDS off. I know its kinda tight but trust me. Let me join if you have any interest. As long as your kind I will play my heart out for your clan. I don’t disrespect anyone. Although I may be a bit silent at times but don’t worry. I DO WORK.