Greetings fellow Halo fans, my name is Reptar117 and I’ve been a Halo fan since 08. I may not be the oldest fan but I love it as much as the next guy. I have been working on this game concept for about a week now and it is 15pages long and I add to it daily, it pulls from all corners of the Halo games and some from the expanded lore. It also pulls from The Division, Star Wars Republic Commando, and Mass Effect. this has been an awesome experience for me. Now I need you to get as many up votes on the Xbox uservoice page to get 343 to see it and maybe the game will be made. Below I will provide the links to the document and the Xbox uservoice so you can vote. If you like my idea and have any feed back, please leave it below in the comments! Thank you to anyone who read this!