I need voice actor for my upcoming Machinima

I have three roles left.

I have one very small role, one somewhat big role, and one Main character role left for right now. If you want to do it then comment here.

Thank you for reading


The plot:
It goes deeper story line in the Halo universe. The series starts just before Noble 6 becomes apart of Noble Team.

The Characters I need:

Pvt. William C. Robinson(A Main Character)

Rather Shoot first then think what he is shooting at.


Trouble maker

Great with Explosions.

Captain James T. Coleman(one somewhat big role)-Long Term

A man about his mid 40’s been in the military for about 20 year’s.

Promoted four years ago

Lost his wife 10 years ago.

Won several battles.

Lost his best friend in the last battle on Harvest.

Cold towards everyone

A Bad -Yoink- mother f**ker on the field

A man (Very small role)

Wakes up a main Character

3 or 4 lines

Hey, I am interested in doing your somewhat big role,but I am not entirely convinced. Could you at least show me a synopsis of your storyline to see if it’s something I’m interested in. Also if you don’t mind can I see a description on each of the 3 roles so if change my mind I can move on to another role that’s more intriguing.

I updated it, I hope it helps.