I need training

Okay, here’s the deal. I am majoring in computer engineering and I am planning to fulfill part of my dream by trying to work on Halo games once I graduate college, which is only half of my aspirations in the field of Halo that is…
I have always been very good at Halo when it comes to execution, but mentally I feel like I have never had the edge I feel like I should have because I get outsmarted by all of these people who are not as skilled as me but know pro tips and such. So here is the point, I want someone who is very knowledgeable to teach me how to mentally be a good enough Halo player to go pro. And if I cannot go pro, I at least want to become the best possible player I can be, any help is appreciated. My GT: wesleychambless

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It’s all about map awareness and teamwork.

Yo. What region you in?

> 2533274873172929;3:
> Yo. What region you in?

America time zone: EST