I Need to Know There Will be PvE Before I Spend Anymore Time/Money (Post an Update Please)

Fully agree, pvp is just not fun when you’re always dominated by people who spend a lot more time to be the best.
Much prefer a coop pve game - was really disappointed with the focus on PVP only.

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I’ve played quite a bit of PvP in Halo Infinite, I’ve levelled the battle pass and done all of the weekly challenges since launch but I would love a PvE mode.

I regularly game with friends who have varying degrees of skill when it comes to gaming so PvE content is quite important to all of us as it tends to be something everyone can enjoy.

Outside of that I just find PvE more enjoyable. If I’m having to be competitive that’s not so relaxing for me, I get others feel differently and I have no issue with that, we all enjoy different games and in different ways and these forums are a great case in point in how polarised gamers can be.

I know co-op campaign is coming but I’d love to see something like firefight. Looking at it from 343’s perspective it could make the game appeal to more people or hold the interest of others for longer. Both would help support microtransaction sales, especially since it would surely be s given that customisation would work in PvE as it does in PvP.


I have been doing custom games. Me and 3 bots vs. 4 bots at marine level like quick play. I have been doing different time limits, battle rifle loadouts. It is actually a lot of fun. I would love to have custom bot s for this at some point.

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