I Need to Know There Will be PvE Before I Spend Anymore Time/Money (Post an Update Please)

I have nothing against the game, but I am not a PvP guy. I have 100% on the campaign. I do not want to spend any more time or money on cosmetics if there is not going to be a Firefight type mode. I will come back for DLC, but otherwise it is H5 Firefight for me.

I encourage anyone who feels the same way to reply in this post. I understand that 343 has a lot on their plate, but an update would be appreciated.


How come you don’t enjoy PVP

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I am just not into it. I played Fiesta for the event yesterday and it is just not fun for me. I have nothing against it or the people that play it. I am just more into killing enemies than other Spartans.

I’d definitely like word on more PvE modes and future Campaign content. I accept that I’m in the minority for not enjoying PvP as much as PvE, even though I will pay both, but it’d be nice to see PvE get some attention beyond the initial Campaign, which quite frankly should be expected as default and not treated as a boon.


If 343 wants to focus on just campaign and PvP for HI. That is fine. I get that PvP is super popular. I just want to know what the plan is before I invest any more time and money. There is no point in building up cosmetics I will not use.

The only real announcement is that there will be some sort of co op version released with Season 2 and Forge in Season 3.

Besides that the only PVE esque mode is Bot Bootcamp.

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That is what I have read as well. Bot bootcamp is OK. I have been doing H5 Firefight today. I will probably stick with that until there is some new mode or DLC.

I’d be completely shocked if we didn’t get some form of firefight in Infinite in the next 1.5yrs. It could be a long way away, but I’m guessing it’ll show up eventually.

It’s not the same at all, but in the mean time you could try and see if grinding the bot playlist is somewhat fun.


Don’t worry, 343 knows just how many players love PvE and they will probably add it soon. The campaign is proof that they love PvE too.

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I agree with your thinking. H5 Firefight came about 8 months after release. I do not mind waiting. I just do not want to spend time and money on cosmetics and then find out the only PvE is bot bootcamp.

If that is the plan, I will just put money and time into something else. No hate for the game or 343.

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I don’t mind PvP, but mindlessly playing the same few playlists over and over again gets boring to me really fast.

I loved tossing in the different game modes like Firefight, Warzone, Infection, Action Sack or any of the whacky Custom Games to mix things up and keep the overall gameplay feeling fresh.

I was hoping Infinite would have launched with at least a Survival/Firefight type game mode where some Marines and Spartans are holding out against The Banished, maybe at one of the Banished Outposts before they conquered the UNSC on Zeta or something.


Good point. That would be my best. I would just like some sort of update on it.

Very soon. I can tell that season 1 is very important for 343 to find the solid ground they need to shape this Halo into one for the ages. I bet that by the end of season 1 or the start of season 2, this game will be filled with content.


I would love to have a mode where we could use our MP spartan in the open world. Similar to the campaign missions… killing HVTs, ect.

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I hope so. The mode can come later on, I would just feel more comfortable knowing it is in the works.

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Bot Boot camp would be way better if you could choose the bot difficulty.

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343i, you need to tell this person wtf is going on, or they are going back to Halo 5 Firefight.
Now we wait…

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: better ratings than The Mandolorian.

Honestly: I would not sink money and time into playing something you don’t enjoy, simply because down the road it might turn into something I do enjoy. I’d really like to have a PvE mode in Infinite myself but I have lots of fun in BTB objective as well. That’s why I bought the battle pass (after hitting around lvl 30 and I was pretty sure I would be playing this for a while longer).

So all in all I’d say: play H5 firefight and keep an eye on the news. You can also always jump in for a game if you just want to see how things are moving along in Infinite.


That is the plan. I may do some bot bootcamp. I like the Scorpion Punch armor so I may do that playlist.

I have been having fun today doing firefight.