I need to get this off my chest

Aside from the complete barebones mp we have now im having an issue with no aim assist on console at all.

Is it just me or are more people noticing that Aim assist on console with a controller is completely broken? I’m on series x with a controller and get absolutely ZERO aim assist at all. No slowdown effect or nothing but I’m supposed to compete with MNK players aiming with their entire arm while I have 2 measly joysticks? I should be getting a slowdown effect and aim assist working but I’m not at all. Literally none at all.

I’m just so frustrated with this entire thing let alone the absolute joke of a monetization system we have playing off of people’s nostalgia to get people to pay $10 here and $20 there. Now we have forced crossplay with aim assist broken on console. (While I do realize not everyone might not have this issue on xbox its definitely broke for me)

It seems to be random whether it works or not is what I’ve decided. Sometimes there is zero and sometimes it works fine. At least for me.

tried with controller on PC i defintly saw some following… so it works on PC don’t know why it doesn’t on console…

Pc has stronger aim assist than console

That’s definitely bugged lol

which makes no sense.