I need the locus helmet

See I pre ordered my limited edition of halo 4 at gamestop and I got the ever so dumb looking hazop armor and I did not know that best buy had that pre order deal and really I did not look into it but I already typed in the codes so the only thing left that I have to trade is the 14 day trail and the forward until day movie code and I bought the game guide so I have a ton of avatar stuff to trade and some people will think well just download the dew king of the hill app and I did and the nearest 7 eleven in 130 miles away from me so mesg me if you want to trade my gamer tag is twistedDJpony.

Hahahahaha, good luck. Do you know how economics works?

Do you really need it?

im willing to pay money for the locus armour

go on ebay, it only costs about a 100 dolars

Go to the Bonus Trading Station at the beginning of the this forum. That’s where I got mine. I traded 7 items for it. 3 emblems, 1 Forest Skin, 1 BR Arctic Skin, 1 Haven Theme, 1 Ghost Avatar Prop.

It is in high demand. Read a good portion of the tread to get caught up on how most of the deals are being made. Be careful of scammers.