I need some new body actors for my Halo: Reach Machinima : )

Recently I’ve been having a lot of trouble filming the last few scenes for the 1st Act of my Machinima; Operation Ark Angel mainly because its become somewhat difficult to create a full 16 player lobby, which is the only way to do the last few scenes. I thought it was time to get some new body actors. I’m looking for people that are reliable and sensible, and that when they say “Yeah, sure I’ll help” actually join the shoots.

The shoots are around every Friday, sometimes a different day, at 11am/12pm PST, 1/2pm CST, 2/3pm EST, 12/1pm MST and 7/8pm GMT and they usually last about an hour and a half, depending on what needs to be filmed and if people mess around a lot.

If you would like to be part of it, please send a message/friend request to my gamertag; xDon Demonz.

This Machinima is set within the Halo Universe, running along the same timeline as the Reach campaign. The Insurrectionist’s will be featured, as well as showing the Elites as the powerful warriors they are meant to be. No hundreds of Elites dying by the cartload, as can be seen in many of the most popular Machinima’s, not to name any names :wink:

Thanks all!

Selfless bump!

Sure, just give me the script and I will everything it says.

> Sure, just give me the script and I will everything it says.

Sorry, but only Voice Actors need to get the script.