I need some help

Hey guys, i need some help with Bots in Halo infinite. So i am making a huge Zombies map, but unfortunately there are only 8 spawn able bots per team… I cant have 8 zombies stretched over the whole map. I need them to always be in the area that the player is in. How do i accomplish this?

Another thing i need help with is when i script the zombies to have energy swords, then when they die, they spawn with no running graphics, and no ability to deal damage, and they also spawn with the default assault rifle. Then they just “slide” towards you and bump into you… Any help is greatly appreciated!

Your best bet for corralling the zombies is to break up your map into a large zones.

Whenever the player enters a new zone - run a script to check each zombie. If they are in a zone that is too far away they then get teleported to the edge of the zone the player is in.

Ideally each teleport site would be chosen to be out of line of sight of the player.

You can then probably configure the nav meshes to fast track the zombies from their new starting point to where the player is residing.

You can script the Zombies to start with swords. On death you can change them to a trait profile that has assault rifles, very low to zero damage, and sprint disabled.

I don’t think you are going to have much luck with the sliding and bumping behaviour. Sorry.

I’ve heard 343I don’t read these forums.
How is making a forge feedback forum going to improve it if they don’t read the forums?

Thanks for the input. I did figure a way to give them the same loadout every time. I actually commented below with how i did it, but it is yet “Awaiting Approval” which is kinda annoying. (I am new here)
I will try your idea with teleporting them. Sounds legit. Thanks again.

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Okay guys. Update here for anyone who is having the weapon problem.
I had a Duh moment and realized that i applied a certain trait that disables weapon pickup. So that included the weapon i tried giving the bot on spawning. So i modified it a little by setting a “Wait for N seconds” and then i used “Apply trait until death” and made the seconds to 1 second. Now when the zombie spawns it automatically gets the desired weapon, and then exactly 1 second after it spawns, it loses its ability to get any more weapons.
I hope this helps someone out.

That’s not what I thought would happen either.


In my mucking around with an Infection mode - I added the weapon loadout to the actual trait sets for Survivors (bulldog/sidekick) and Zombies (sword/none).

That way they spawn automatically with the required weapons.

The Zombie trait also includes no weapon pick up (or dropping) - so it works. No need to mess around with timers!