I need some help :/

Waypoint isn’t allowing me to download videos from my file share. It keeps telling me it cannot be queued for download at this time when I click the “send to inbox” button. I’ve tried sending it to my e-mail, but it won’t let me. Is there an alternate way to do it, or am I just doing it wrong? I appreciate all the help that is given. Thank you.

Films and Film Clips aren’t actually videos, so you can’t download them to your computer.

(A Film is a list of everything that happened in a match, in chronological order – every shot fired, every step taken. Halo’s Theater takes these lists and basically recreates the match: you’re not watching a video, you’re watching the match happen again.)

There was a Bungie-era Film Rendering service that turned Films into normal videos, but 343 Industries wasn’t given the code for this, and currently has no plans to develop their own render feature.

There is a silver lining, though: a community member has taken it upon themselves to provide their own rendering service. You send them a file, and they play it in Theater and record it right off their TV for you.