I need some Guys or Girls to play Halo 4 with

So I’m stocked, Hyped, bloody excited. Amazon say my limited edition is shipping saturday, I just want some people to play Halo 4 with, campaign or multiplayer? I don’t mind, as long as we have fun. Extremely excited for the game except the bit where I’m at college the day it gets delivered 0.e unless I’m ill…
My Gamertag- theantonkid
I don’t mind playing with anyone, just be fun and enjoy the game., Can’t freaking wait!

Add Pinggew. I have a bunch of friends. you can join us if you want.

If you’re European, don’t play competitively, and don’t require me to use mic, feel free to add me.

This goes for everyone here.

Feel free to add me (and this goes for anyone). GT: wyotim

sure just add BornstellerMEL all for fun bro

Bugger forgot to add I’m from England. I’ll add you guys so far though. :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, how did you find out when amazon is shipping your copy?

I can’t find any information when I log into my account, and the only email I’ve got from them is a xbox live promotional code thing…

Im always looking for people to play with:

GT: woodmasterflex

As am I. (:

GT: iSpirax