I need some advice

I’m probably getting halo 5 for christmas, I have never played the game, but I have watched a lot of the HCS pro league and some tournaments. As well as some game play from various twitch.tv streamers. I play a lot of halo multiplayer, I mean a lot, I have 220,000+ kills in halo 4. Now my concern is that I see a lot of crouching in the halo 5 gameplays I’ve watched, but my button layout doesn’t allow me to crouch and look at the same time. This is not a big deal at all in other halo games, but how big of a disadvantage is that for halo 5? I’m thinking I’ll have to swap layouts and get some practice on the new layout before I get the game. For reference I use universal reclaimer on the MCC. Is using toggle crouch a good option?

You are about to get advice both sides. I don’t not have crouch on toggle, for some times in the excitement of the moment I push it. For the settings, it is a personal preference. I use an elite controller so I don’t have to take my thumbs off the sticks. Just to forewarn you it is a large download. Welcome to the game!

What layout do you plan on playing in h5?

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> What layout do you plan on playing in h5?

The halo 4 layout. I’ve always been a default guy, since halo:CE, except halo 3 I used walkie talkie just so I could have melee on right bumper, which was better than the default with melee on ‘B’. The default on halo 5 is really strange, the halo 4 layout is closer to the classic layout I’m use to. With ‘A’ to jump RS to zoom etc.

If you get halo 5, be ready for a 91 gig update, just an fyi.

Given the new midcombat abilities in H5 the only way that you can play it efficiently and dynamically without any sacrifice or compromise is to get an elite controller. Otherwise, there will always be something you can’t do (at least not mid-combat).

Also, don’t be a -Yoink- and crouch mid combat. That’s just plain d-baggery and it will get you killed faster.

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> If you get halo 5, be ready for a 91 gig update, just an fyi.

I know, that’s the reason why I’m getting the game so late. I had to wait for an unlimited internet plan to be available/affordable.

I use the Halo 4 control scheme in Halo 5, and I have toggle crouch set to ON, so I’d recommend using turning it on.