I need people to play with

i need some people to play with or even to join up on into a spartan company… xBlessJerm is my gamertag

Well I’ll tell you a bit about our clan.

We are called MG Eclipse and have 2 Spartan companies currently. MG Eclipse and MG Eclipse II

We are mostly an arena company but have some people who play warzone and social as well.

We have monthly tournaments including a 500$ doubles tournament this month and we also have giveaways on a regular basis including an Xbox One X giveaway coming up soon !!!

We have game nights throughout the week, some are sweaty customs and some are fun customs.

We have over 100 members and all of our members are active both in our discord and in game… We are strict on NOT allowing toxic players into our clan which assures a positive and fun atmosphere pretty much all the time!

Go to our website if you are interested in joining MGEclipse.Com and click “join us”