I need map testers!

I’ve got 2 mini games that I would like to have tested before I put them on my file share . One is a race, made out of king of the hill. The other one that I have is Battleship. It involves wraith’s and Banshees.I just made these last night,but in theory they both should be fun. If they are,I might send them into Game Night. Any people that would like to help me, I will be grateful also, if you have a map that you would like tested, I will also test them for you. If I get enough mature people with mic’s, I’ll set a time for the testing.(If you are un-mature, you will be booted)

ill play gt- smittyy75

> ill play gt- smittyy75

Do you have a mic?



haha okay just add me and let me know when.