I need infection and X for season 2 or im done

Basically a list of stuff that i need to happen before or on season 2 to keep me interested.

  1. The store must be consistent and better priced. (No idea why we get some good priced items and others not, 100-200 per single item is fine same as a 1k bundle but even in a bundle single items should be purchasable. 1 visor shouldn’t be 400cr.)

  2. Crosscore needs to happen! Even if this is just coatings and visors it must happen.

  3. Season 2 BP needs less exp boosts and more unlockables with a decenr cr to be earnable. I also need new mark V stuff.

  4. New game modes, i need INFECTION minimum. Other games modes would be good as well but i need the kick back and chill infection mode back.

  5. At least ONE new map, while there should be multiple id accept one.

Im not un reasonable but this game needs this stuff minimum for season 2. I know forge is coming in S3 even though id want that too


I’d lower your expectations significantly, if the “mid-season” update and everything up to now is any indication of how the future will be, we’ll be lucky to even get a new map and/or mode at this point

“live-service” was just a cute phrase they used so they could sell you the colour blue multiple times.


Nah id just lower my game pool.

Theres alot of games out there which i can play and have fun on (earning in game stuff too while i play).

Itd be a shame, halo reach was the second game i owned (played others at mates but i was a poorer family) but i dont see the point in sticking around if they cant show things can change tbh

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We would need dedicated maps for Infection, theres no way you could have a fun game of infection on any of the maps currently

I’m with ya there

it’s just saddening that we’ve come to a point where we have to beg for the bare minimum of features post-launch for a Halo game, when prior entries to the series over a decade ago fulfilled at launch


Of course you can? If anything it would make the game mode better, wont have a huge group of people stuck in one section all using pistols with no threat from the infected.

Id be more worried abouth the shotgun or if they decide to give the infected an ability like grapple :joy: maps would work fine, just more intense

Look at Battlefield 2042. As long as players keep buying microtransactions and AAA games, this is only going to get worse and worse until we either move on or reach a breaking point. Having to beg and complain just to even get the bare minimum is becoming more and more common.

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I think we have forgotten they have had 6 months (two seasons worth) to work on S2.

My probably unrealistic expectations:

  • 2-3 new maps (maybe one can be forged to tease it)

  • cross core between mk 5 / mk 7

  • Coatings apply to chest pieces

  • A decent amount of credits tied to battlepass but also the weekly ultimate reward to better motivate people to play

  • Some sort of long term progression system (probs like MCC) and proper per match xp. (there needs to be more reasons to keep playing beyond the battlepass)

  • A fix to desync issues

  • Infection and some of the other missing game types added

  • Store size is expanded (this needs a full overhaul but that would probably take until s3/4)

lol i don’t play nor care for any of that . btb and slayer is where it’s at.

Please 343i give us an infection game mode! Playing zombies is one of the most classic forms of playing Halo when ranked or social type games and matches just are cutting it for you.

I think that Streets and Live Fire would have potential to be good Infection maps.

… I want a ranked FFA playlist BR starts.

I would also like to play some new campaign content.


  1. Better stability for people having preformance problems with the game
  2. A few more maps to add more content to the game
  3. Some touch up to the few vehicles and weapons that need tweaks ( Ravenger, Banshee and Chopper to name a few… )
  4. More Game modes, and better options to those who want to only really play specific game modes.
  5. Allow people to configure it so that they play in their region and their region only.

These are probably the best 4 things I’d want to see in Season 2 of the game. I don’t even care enough about cosmetics to suggest any of them. I just want the game to be in a better more stable state, while also adding a few things that add more to the gameplay and content to play with.

Yeah, that sounds pretty unrealistic.

and if THAT keeps up… which it will… another video game crash may happen. i mean, there will be another point in time where no one will know weather the gaming company, be it microsoft, nintendo, sony, bungie etc… no one will know if they’ve released a cash grab, or a decent game… so if no one will know, then why bother rewarding the unknown and untrustworthy?

Yep but how much lower can they go tbh… They had 6 months the length of two seasons and if this update underwhelms the situation will get even worse than it is now.

343 needs to get their act together and fast. S2 can’t afford to be a complete disappointment to the community.

Agree 100 o/o. I personally don’t think Season two will be a complete disappointment, I just think that were setting ourselves up to get mad with the amount of content were expecting at this point.

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I think Aquarius would also be pretty good

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I love the idea of playing infection on Aquarius. The map foundation from Halo 2 is and will forever be the OG and GOAT infection map.