I need help

Hey Guys
I know this is a Halo forum, and I already have Halo 5 and amloving it a lot. This year has been great for games and I want to get like 5 but I only can afford 1 more for
black Friday. You guys are great and play many other games so what do you think I should get?
Fallout 4
COD: Black Ops 3
Destiny: The Taken King


None… Buy yourself a couple cases of Mt. Dew Code Red, a -Yoink- ton of Doritos, and a Gaming chair. Then… Play Halo all day every day. lol…

Fallout 4 is pretty good, I’m not a COD fan… I’ve heard mixed feelings on Destiny… Personally I’d get Fallout 4

I’d also go with Fallout. You already have one multiplayer shooter, why muddy the waters with another one? Get Fallout and just relax without the pressures of arena or warzone.

Haha thanks guys :slight_smile: