I need help with this

Hello to all members and moderators, my doubts and question is, which one of you can tell me what kind of programming using halo.
What happens is that among several colleagues decided to create a new vehicle halo custom edition of a robot based on a series of Halo Legends, the problem is that we all set modeling, animation, texturing, but do not know what kind of programming halo used to finish creating the robot, and we read and run halo new vehicle smoothly and not turning away any map in multiplayer, if any of you know what kind of code used not ask you give me just ask that guy is if he suddenly is in (C # or C + + or XNA) just ask that and good if you do not mind an example, thanks for your help.

I would love to try to help you but I’m afraid the way you worded your querie doesn’t seem to make sense. Sorry.

I’m not sure if you can program Halo: CE with c++

People who mod Halo: CE use different programs.

sorry if you did not understand, I will explain well with several classmates decided to create the robot you saw in the picture as a vehicle, we do not know is what kind of programming code used Halo, I honestly do not know if (C # and XNA or C + +), that’s what we need to know if you can with a much better example, I’m from Colombia else and not much English so I use google translator