I need help with my other account on Waypoint

I was told to come here and speak with the forum team.

This was a few months back. This account was suspended for a day because of my opinion on Halo 4. Then I signed into another account. I didn’t know you couldn’t do that since it was my first week on this site.

The account was permabanned. I am planning on switching over to that account for some personal reasons. If possible I want the account unbanned. The account was
“I Am Hacking”.

Thank you.

As I told you in the PM you sent me, your other account was permabanned as it is very clearly stated in the rules that you agreed to when you signed up that alternate accounts are not allowed.

I told you to PM Forum Team, not make a new thread on the forum. I am not the first moderator you’ve PM’d either. Speaking to a whole host of us does not increase the chances of your account being unbanned.