I need help redeeming my dlc.

The Halo 3:ODST dlc is out and I was supposed to receive a message with a promo code in it that gave me the dlc for free. I’ve had the game since launch and was looking forward to playing it. Yesterday I contacted Microsoft and they sent me here. They said that the Halo team that Microsoft had appointed would be able to resolve my problem. Please help me.

Hey there, I had a look at your service record but it doesn’t appear as if you have played the Master Chief Collection yet. To be eligible, you had to have played MCC while connected to Xbox Live at least one before December 19th. If you think you did meet those requirements, have a read over the MCC FAQ link in my signature. It should help you out on what to do and who to contact :slight_smile:

I do meet the requirements, and I even have dated achievements from the days that I got them that prove that I’m eligible. What were you looking at that says I haven’t played it yet because it’s wrong. I’ve been playing it for the past two days and I played it back when it first came out so it doesn’t make sense that I wouldn’t have received my code.

You must have some settings set to private because your Xbox profile says you have 48,412 gamescore, but when I compare games with you, it says you have zero unlocked. Also, your service record says you’ve never played this game, but you clearly have since you have game clips of the game in your library.

Hmm. I just checked my privacy settings and they are pretty much all public. I don’t know why you can’t compare my achievements with yours. Is there anyway to link my achievements via the web?

Did you get an email about ODST? I got an xbox message first, and then a few days later they sent me an email saying that I was eligible for the DLC. If you can prove to Microsoft that you are eligible, they might be able to send you a code. I suggest using the chat support, since they give you real time responses, and it’s easier to pass information than over the phone.

Aha! Ok, yeah it seems to be showing for me now. Yeah you’re totally eligible to get ODST, so I’d check out the MCC FAQ link in my signature.Follow the link to the Xbox Support forums and make a post over there. They should be able to help you out :slight_smile:

Okay I’ll try again with Microsoft but they sent me here saying that this is where I could get help.