I need help PLS

Im trying to complete campaign on heroic on mmc for pc.
Im on the 8th out of 12th mission. The scorpion mission and ive been stuck for hours. Please someone add me on steam and help me finish this game.

Also if anyone knows of decent sized and active discords let me know. The officials discords bot is way to tyrannical.

Sith Remnant Discord - discord.gg/4D7Mhfy
Sith Remnant Recruitment Post

Howdy I am Darth Baum and if you are interested in joining a group of players on Halo Reach for about any activity definitely check out my community the Sith Remnant. My Xbox Live Gamertag is Darth Baum just shoot me a message on there or preferably via Discord. My steam name is also Darth Baum I hope to see you starside!

I need some coop friends. I am doing Legendary coop with a 9 or 10x multiplier. But im down for whatever. Add gt: Shadowed Wilds

still need people?