I need help! PC knowledge

I have change my graphic settings the same settings wich some yutube guy has.
He is using 5.20 gb vram
But i am using 5.82 gb vram … how is that possible even i have everything the same?

Only differens is i have a 4k screen. He is using a 2k screen.

Also i have AMD … he is using a Nvidia
Some nerds here in the forum?:kissing:

What kind of issues are you experiencing?

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He is ussing les vram than me on the excat same settings. Its written in the topic

That literally could just be the difference between Nvidia and AMD and how efficient one is over the other. Also it depends on if your setup is the same or not. There’s a lot of variables when it comes to this stuff.

If you both have different hardware then there is no reason to expect the vram usage to be the same. And so long as you aren’t running into any performance issue, it doesn’t matter how much vram is in use, the vram is there to be used.


vram is important but ur hardware is what makes the most sense, you should only follow youtuber advice with settings if you have the same systems as them. also, 4k and 2k can make a world of difference depending on your gpu and ram.
think of vram as useful but not a fully-fledged technology as of yet… not to say it isnt improving dramatically but its not as much as an influence as your hardware mainly because it stores and retrieves data virtually and that isn’t as reliable

More pixels = more Vram


4k requires more VRAM than does 2k.