I need help getting 50!

Hey. My gamer tag is son1ic. I’m maxed out at 45 in team slayer. I first started playing halo 3 as soon as it came out. I still play a lot. I made tons of accounts for halo 3. I got 2 48s and 3 47s. Never got a 50. I desperately want closure with halo 3. I need to get a 50. I need help. I can’t carry randoms all day and get it my teams are always garbage. I need a partner who can help me out. I want that 50 so I can snap my halo 3 disk in half and never play it again. I will appreciate anyone that can help me get a 50. I am close, so if you can help it wouldn’t take weeks. I thank you in advance. I also have a mic. Just add me on Xbox if you are able to. I really need closure with this game. Thank you.

I can help you, I have multiple 50s. I can carry you as long as you don’t die 20 times a game. I do not have a mic. My GT is vypxr, add me.

This post disturbs me.

I can help ya out too

i am also trying to get that 50

im a 43 in team slayer