I need CO-OP players for Campaign on Legender

I want to unlock the new armor! Any takers? :smiley: Add my Gamertag…I’ll be on all day today!

“I R Legacyyy”

Can’t play today but I want the armor too so add me if you want to play at a later date (maybe even tomorrow).

If you’re looking for people to play with use this forum next time: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_topics8_Recruiting.aspx

(add me)

Been looking to do this for awhile now, Ill see what i can swing,

GT: ChieftaiNZ

P.S: I dont have a mike and have already done shutdown legendary solo

What’s “legender?” Is that a more legendary legend? As in, legendarier?


I’d like to play through Reclaimer, as it’s the only one I haven’t done co-op yet.

I still need to do Infinity, Reclaimer and Shutdown on Legendary. If you do any of those shoot me an invite. GT- alexbhood

add me. i just knocked out legendary solo, but i still need the achievement for co-op, though i think it’s for heroic or harder. -tripzyoda


I’m in. GT: amp8210

I’m in. GT: amp8210

Im in, already sent out a FR to you.

im down pacific time (rxed wxlf7)