I need assistance from 343

Does anyone know how to contact 343? I got a serious problem with some licencing issues that Microsoft support said that only they can solve. :confused:

go to their company page and send them an email. Wait 12 months until you’re sure they’ve deleted your email and not responded then spam them with emails until they finally respond. May take you 18 months plus but they will eventually respond.

The only public ways to contact 343i are through forums like reddit or Waypoint, or sending them a tweet or DM on Twitter.

That being said, licensing issues are generally the realm of the service providing you with the game (in this case, the Xbox Store, if you got the game digitally). If you have the physical disc then the license is on the disc. Microsoft/Xbox support could just be passing the buck, as they often do when they don’t know the answer to something.

If you detail out your issue here OP, we may be able to point you in the right direction

Jeez, this just gets more confusing by the minute lol, basically I purchased some halo 5 dlc through eBay which was all 4 of the pre order REQ packs such as the armour and weapons skins. Once I redeemed them I was able to download them and install them fine but nothing appeared in my req pack tab within halo 5. After contacting Microsoft support and an hour of talking to someone, they confirmed that the codes I had entered were already redeemed through a different account. However, I was still able to redeem them!? So I contacted the eBay seller and he had sent me the wrong codes. He then sent me brand new codes of which I checked were new and active. The problem is that I cannot redeem these new codes because when I try to I get a notification telling me I cannot download it because I already own it… I have no idea why I was able to download codes that had already been redeemed in the firsts place but I can’t now redeem my working dlc because the same broken dlc is stuck in my account. I want to delete it some how but after another Microsoft support chat they told me that 343 owns the dlc license and I would need to contact them for support in this. What a mess right?