I need assistance, Can't install the game I own.

Hello Support services,

I come to this site a tad broken as I’ve spent what feels like the better part of a year trying to fix an issue with Halo Wars 2 with microsoft and xbox tech support to no avail. so Im hoping the people in charge of the game more directly could help fix my issues.

I bought a collectors edition of Halo Wars 2 for Xbox 1 on release date, as they marketed the cross platform where if you owned the game on console, you’d eventually be able to play it on pc with a free copy of the game. Well when it finally came to pc, I was able to play for a few weeks but then I put the game down for a while and came back a few months later, only to see that while I own the game, it’s not on my list of games that I can download to my pc. what makes it stranger, is that I can access and download all halo wars 2 dlc that I got from the season pass on my computer just fine,

Whatever the reason, for the last year I’ve spent trying to get microsoft or Xbox to help me out to fix this issue, only to find a quick fix that my friend had to do with his copy of the game which was to redeem a free voucher code for Halo Wars 2. this in turn fixed the identification issue where it says my pc isn’t a registered product for Microsoft even though it is and I’m able to access the HW2 dlc, Sea of thieves and Minecraft dungeons just fine.

Please help me, this is my last hope of ever getting to play the game I already own on pc again in this post.