i need a reach code 343!

i know this is old news but ive been off reach for a while and just recently returned wanting to play very badly but as i put it my reach beta copy for testing new disc format it is incompatible…ive been reading that 343 has been giving away codes for the downloadable version and i hope im not too late to the punch. ive been battling microsoft service reps for weeks now and they act like they have never heard of any of this so this forum is my last resort to play reach again…help 343 your my only hope.

I never recieved a code either.

I called Xbox Support, (phone not twitter). They escalated it, and I might be wrong in the department but I think it was marketing. They told me to wait a week or so which I did, I called back and they said they need a few more details from me. It was the email address I used for Microsoft Connect when I signed up for the beta.

About 24 hours after that I received an email with a code.

I had the same problem called xbox support they “escalated” it and they said that i was a liar, more or less. I guess that’s why I got the flaming avatar helmet that only those in the beta got. Not to mention the green halo reach disc that says “do not put this disc in a non preview xbox”. So yeah I don’t know what the problem is but they pretty much said screw you.

And i also have the letter say not to let anyone know that your in the beta and all that jazz. I don’t like xbox support very much right now. 343 any help would be awesome!