I need a person to talk to every now and then.

Exactly what the titles says, I play alone a lot but wouldn’t mind talking to someone for a bit while playing MM or Customs.My GT is my username but I’d rather a message on here first. :slight_smile:

Hey if you want a new friend to talk to just add me to your friends list. My GT is the same as my name.

GT is the same asmy username just shoot me a message on xbl and a friend request we can play whenever.

My GT is [MrTooSexy], add me when ya want.

I sent you a clan invite with information regarding your post. I strongly believe our community would be a great place for you to hang out!

Add me my mic is broken but I can listen hahaba

Interested in joining our clan to you will be talking to alot of us and we are active hmu GT DF 0VERL0RD

Hey, are you still looking for someone to play with? If so, then i’ll play with you. GT: YouxxGotxxOwned I host weekly custom game and multiplayer lobbies. Feel free to join in at anytime.