I need a patch to play Halo Reach

Hi my Halo Reach isn’t playing and it says the disc is unreadable every time I try to play the Solo Campaign. I was told by customer service to post on here and ask for a patch.

Can someone please help me

If your disc is unreadable, no patch will cure it. It’s disc or hardware problem.
On Xbox (as well as on any other console which is connected to the internet) any patches are downloading automatic. No need for asking anyone for anything.

Thank you for your response. I was told by customer service to come here for a patch. This is a brand new game and this is our third time exchanging it. I am so frustrated

Thank you for your response. I was told by customer service to come here for a patch. This is a brand new game and this is our third time exchanging it. I am so frustrated

If you’ve changed the disc 3rd time, then probably your Xbox is having a problem with reading discs. I’ve just changed my console, because old one had similar problem.

If you have Xbox Live, I would think that the patches would install for you automatically. If you are not online (like I was for the longest time), your only option is to rely on the needed upgrades loading from the game disc the first time you play it on my console. Additional repairs and patches will not be available of course.

But it does sound like you may be having a hardware issue. Have you taken your disc to a game rental store? They might run it through their disc cleaner and resurfacer for you. Look at the disc to see if there are any nicks or scratches on the surface. It could just be something as simple as a fingerprint smug. If that doesn’t work and your game is under warranty, you may want to get it replaced.

Otherwise try playing a different game or renting Halo 4 from the video game rental store. If you are still have issues, then your console is probably in need of some cleaning or repair. They have lens cleaners for $15 out there. I’d be nervous using one though. There are also console repair shops around too, if you can find on in your area.


First, realize that customer service reps are under massive pressure to get you off their phone ASAP and pushing your problem off to someone else is an easy out (no XBox-bashing intended, just speaking generally as someone who used to work in customer service).

So here’s your pickle…

Three different discs won’t work, so it must be a hardware problem. But let’s assume you’ve tested this by trying other games, which work fine… so it must 3 bad discs. Right?

Suffice it to say, my guess is that you have one of two problems:

  1. Its a disc problem, and you need to shop elsewhere for your games.

  2. My official theory (and personal favorite): Its both a disc AND a hardware problem because you’re trying to play a 360 GAME on a FIRST-GEN XBOX.


Thanks everyone for your responses :slight_smile:

I have 2 Xboxs one is the Xbox 360S which is pretty new and the other one is the one before Xbox 360S (white) I’ve played my other games and they work fine. My husband and I bought the games from 2 different stores. I’m just trying to figure out what I need to do to get this resolved.

Well, damn Mia. I had high hopes for my own cleverness.

Since its happenning with 3 discs on two consoles, your first priority should be to determine if its the discs or the hardware. The easiest way is to test you current copy of Reach; Find a friend, go to Gamestop, or find a game rental place. If your Reach disc works on any other consoles besides your own then you know its your hardware.

In that case, you have two Xboxes with the same malfunction; which means they’ve both been exposed to the same modification, power surge, unauthorized disc that screwed up the OS, or (if you have kids) grilled cheese sandwich in the disc tray.

THINGS I WOULD TRY OR ASK MYSELF (if you haven’t already):

  1. Go to settings and reset your XBoxes back to Factory Default. Hopefully this would remove any kind of OS failures that might be causing this.

  2. Connect your consoles to your router/modem. If this has never been done, it will update your dashboard. You can create a free Live account and see if that would somehow fix your problem? Games come with their own updates on the disc, anything required to play it, but any update you get would hopefully correct any OS bugs you may have.

  3. Are these BRAND NEW games you keep getting? If they don’t work on any other consoles, I guess its possible that your region was distributed a bad batch (or formatted for a different region, maybe?). Ok, I’m REACHING here (no pun intended), but buying a certified used copy (like at Gamestop) would be a good way to test this theory.

Ok, I’m officially out of ideas. Good luck!