I need a Mr. Miyagi

So, I jumped on board the Halo Bandwagon a few months back when, at a friend’s suggestion I picked up the Anniversary edition of CE to play through the co-op campaign with him. Soon, after I decided to delve into the meaty multiplayer, and even picked up a copy fo Reach, which now occupies a good portion of my playing time. There’s only one problem. I suck on toast!

Oh, I have made some improvement over the last few months. Switching to the “Bumper-Jumper” control scheme has helped me immensely by allowing me to continue aiming while jumping to make myself more difficult to hit, and I’ve become a lot more familiar with the more popular maps, but I’m still a long way from where I want to be. Though my average kill counts have improved, most of them come from luck rather than skill, and I still cannot consistently get my kills into the double digits.

More than often, a skirmish with me ends up one or two ways. I encounter an enemy, I unload a clip into them with no effect, while they seem to drain my shields and headshot me much quicker, and I’m killed while reloading, or I catch an enemy unawares but before I can deliver the coup de gras two more of his buddies are on me and I’m dead before I hit the ground.

I can do better than this, I just need a means to practice outside of the shark-infested Matchmaking waters, I need a guide, a salty veteran who can hone my raw untapped potential, and if possible, I need a short 80’s sports movie training montage set to some inspirational rock music.

If I can find two out of three of these on waypoint, then I think I’ll do well.

“You’re the best… aroooound… nothin’s gonna ever keep ya down…”

LOL, I laughed so hard at your song lyric recount, let me welcome you to Waypoint and offer up a few tips.

Stick with your teammates, at least one but the more the better.
Know where the power-weapons are on a map and how long (approx) it takes them to respawn.
Utilize your radar to remain aware of your surroundings.
Crouch walking will allow you to disappear off the radar, use this to set up ambushes.
Make friends with people that you have good games with, playing with decent friends will help your game too.
Sweep the leg and show no mercy, listen to this while you play.

These few basics will help you on your way, good luck and happy hunting =)

You just need to give it time.

One of the biggest things I think plays into mulitplayer is being very aware of what’s going on around you and keeping an open mind of the match. Tunnel vision and single minded thought processes can cause lots of error in my opinion

Finding teammates that you can communicate is probably the best thing you can do to improve.

Heh… I was, and am in the same hole as you. Just join a team, get to know some MLG players. I go to a boarding school so I can’t. The best way to get your old man standing on a rock telling you to pick up a coat and paint his house will be there.

Pick up/use a dmr every chance you get. Learn to use it. The dmr is the foundation of any good players game.

learn how the weapons work to the fullest, and in relation to shielding. (eg. plasma does better shield damage than bullets, PP is better thanPR in close range)
Learn how to headshot (lay gruntpocalypse, then try the magnum on living dead)
Practice sniping.

I wish I could train my noob friends… (if they actually played halo much lolz)

Here’s my tip:

If your warthog is getting shot up drive away and park it sideways with the passenger side facing the bad guys and get out and run keeping it between you and thier line of sight. Don’t stay next to it and try to shoot back or they’ll blow it up along with you.

How to get better in Reach.
Learn how to use the dmr, 3 body shots, one to the head.
Bounce grenades of walls and floors to kill enemies.
If your getting chased, go around a corner, throw a grenade at the corner and 1 shot him.
Go for power weapons and time them.
Go in forge and learn how to maneuver in a banshee. (If you like BTB)
Play MLG or arena to play with better people to get better.
Master the sniper, BODY SHOT if you can’t get a head-shot then switch to dmr. A lot of people don’t do that because they go for head shots, but it is just a effective as normal.
Download training maps, They launch fission coils and you can snipe them to get better.
Practice, and play

Something I did to get better at H3 was making a map with fusion coils that float up and down on the anti-gravity beams. I forget the name for the anti-gravity things, but they would boost the fusion coils up and then they would fall back into the beam and get boosted up again. Anyway, I practiced shooting the fusion coils with my br and it made me a much better Halo player.

Play. Play. Play. You need to play and possibly watch over theatre games of good people and yourself and study where you can improve.

I’ve been around since before Halo 2 was even announced. Add me at Aceman v2 and I can help. I don’t play much in the peak hours though…at least not for a week or so, I need an ethernet cord that can reach to my room so I don’t have to wait for everyone to stop watching TV or playing CoD :confused:

Seriously though, I’d say play 2v2 and FFA to improve the most. FFA makes you have to react quicker and take more information in at once and process it, 2v2 really helps develop team mentality and strategy. 1v1 is where its at though, I can help you get better in a 1v1 game by trying to confront you and evade, I won’t try to kill you much…not until you are ready :wink:

Seriously though, you know what I do for fun? I play Halo Anniversary with the Eye Patch Skull on which removes all auto aim and reticle magnestism. I find this to be immensely entertaining because of the extra level of challenge, but at times I actually find it easier…

To me the two most important things are: 1) Since most of the gametypes are team based, i cant stress how important it is to work together. 2 decent people can take down 1 good person pretty easily, or provide cover fire while the other person steals their sniper/rockets. 2) Learn all the weapons, but especially the DMR. The DMR is very powerful and is borderline a power weapon in the right hands. Its practically a mini sniper rifle.

What i do:

  1. PACE YOUR SHOTS. especially with the dmr, needle rifle, and the magnum. Wait for the reticule to get to it’s minimum size before shooting again.
  2. With a headshot weapon, while pacing, aim for the body, and when the shields are gone, switch to the head.
  3. ALWAYS ALWAY ALWAYS! Switch to a headshot weapon.
  4. IMPORTANT: Covenant weapons are great anti-shield weapons. Switch to the UNSC (Human) weapons for the health.
  5. If you lose your shields, or are getting the shot at (and you don’t know where they’re coming from), immediatly go find cover. And wait for your shields to recharge completely.
  6. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! You were smart by doing the campaign first.
  7. Finish the campaign on legendary. (If you haven’t.)
  8. Use grenades effectively.

I hope this helped. And I’ll help you if you need it.