i need a mf team

Add me for ranked h2a road to 50. I can’t do it searching alone. Gt dealn e


Lol I’m down brother. I’m a little rusty but its coming back to me. GT: dwright79. I play around 4-11 cst

I’ll join with that. I’m tired of playing with randoms no one plays to win anymore

I added you three. SulfurDieOxide and I are looking for ranked players.

Hey I’m down to Party also… I’m online Everyday and I’m always looking for Good Team mates as I keep getting teamed with Level 1’s that like to Explore the Scenery with a SMG on BR starts that like to go -15+ with 1 kill haha! (Just Finished a Game where a Guy went -2 kills and 16 Deaths). ; ; My GT is o0 R34P3R 0o

I added u guys. Add me back zero9thr3e. Looking for legendary coop partner

I’m up for some H2A… Getting tired of getting randoms vs team full of 50s! I’m also needing help with co-op achievements.

Im online, they reset my lvl 23 to lvl 1 im back at 10. Invite add if u wanna grind h2a

I need a party to play ranked with too. Fed up with playing with terrible teammates .

Add xFloody for party up

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> Im online, they reset my lvl 23 to lvl 1 im back at 10. Invite add if u wanna grind h2a

Hey, it was good playing with you for the two games yesterday… I just wanted to point out if you’re asking for teammates, you should probably state at what level you require :slight_smile: I didn’t go negative- yes, I got a low kill count, but it stands to reasons when it’s first to 50 and there are 5 players- not every person gets 10 kills each, plus I never once used a power weapon (I leave them for more skilled players (like yourself). Again, it was good playing with players who have skill and wish you luck in your mission.

If you have a Facebook account, you should check out the community I own, called Halo 3 Lives On! With almost 1,250 members, I’m sure you’ll find at least a few gamers to run matchmaking with, myself included. I run H2A on my 50 to help friends level up, all I require is that you have a mic and know the call-outs. Here is the url for quick access: facebook.com/groups/needz.moar.h3

Best of luck,