I need a competitive but fun clan please!

Looking for a clan to play mainly arena but can learn warzone if needed. I’m an average player looking for good mic banter and to improve my game with teamwork.

You can always join Short Memory Historians. We are trying to get more active people to join us and we already have 14 strong. give us a look at and send me a request if you are interested.

we are requiting https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/epsilonfleet register to the site to get sorted in to a squad .

Join Arctic Team Alpha we are exactly what your looking for

You can join here if you like, we have a sound group of people who value the same aspects of halo 5 as you. We’re a team-making, game-winning, -Yoink–kicking group of guys more than happy to take you on.

Message me if your at all interested.

Happy slaying!
-The Fifty

Join House of Winters. We are what your looking for