I need a clan to join...

Recently i joined a clan who is really garbage. Its frustrating playing Halo without a clan because wins are determined by the people your randomly matched with. If your unsure of me joining becuase of lack of skill thats not a problem. Im really good and i know how to work as a team. Also if your interested in a clan battle, my previous clan that i left got angry at me for leaving so i said ill have a clan battle with them when i find a new clan. So can anyone help me out?

I am not sure about any clans, but here is a Link to a thread with others looking for teammates. Good luck.

Hey thats alot of help thanks man

> Hey thats alot of help thanks man

Sure, anytime.

Back when Hawty Mcbloggy was still around, a few people formed the Spirits of Fire. You should check us out at our website, there, and then take a trip down to our forums. We are members of the GGN and above all, we like to have fun (as in, we’re not MLG pros).

Ive created a small group dedicated to custom games, map testing, etc called customs evolved. If your’re interested (I dont know how to link), search up my gamertag (azns4lif3) on B.net and go to groups. You should see Customs Evolved. I hope to see you there.