I myth-busted ADS

So, many people, myself included, have kinda assumed that the ADS in Infinite is “mostly” cosmetic apart from slowing down the reticle and getting a better view etc. But I noticed flaws in this assumption, so I tested it in weapon drills and partly in training-mode. Feel free to fact-check me yourselves, and see if I missed something.

As many of you have probably noticed the reticle for most weapons become a little bigger when you zoom. At first I though this meant that the reticle was also zoomed in, just like all the rest of the screen (if that makes sense), to show that the weapon does not become more precise. This was an incorrect assumption from me but I’ll get to that later.
However, I noticed that the Needler’s reticle did not become bigger, which made me curious and was the reason I looked into this from the start.

Let’s begin.

Assault Rifle:
The AR’s reticle does indeed become bigger when you zoom. BUT, if you align the edges of the AR’s reticle with something specific in the background and then zoom, you will notice that the Reticle does not get near as much bigger as all the rest of the surroundings. The AR’s reticle does not either indicate more bloom while zooming and firing, which I felt indicated that the AR is indeed more accurate while zooming in ADS (if you catch my thought process here).
Anyway! To confirm this theory I did the classic “shoot holes in the wall” test. And the bullets became more spread out without ADS, and tighter together with ADS.
To double check I tested on enemies at range. From a decent range on an enemy that was standing still I first held down the trigger fully without ADS and due to the spread the enemy did not die after emptying a full mag, I let the bot’s shields recharge, re-loaded, and tried the same thing with ADS this time, and the bot died when I had about 15 bullets left. Both these times I balanced the recoil out with my thumb as well as I could and I tried it a few times to be sure.
Wait… There’s more.
The other thing I noticed was that the “red-reticle-range” became further while in ADS. What I then tested was to stand at a range where I was in red-reticle-range only while zooming, and from that range tested the bullet magnetism both while zoomed and not. And not only does the AR become more accurate while in zoom, but the red reticle range also increases the bullet magnetism.
But wait…
Also the aim assist range is further while zooming.
There’s more…
Just now while writing this I remembered to check the recoil. And it turns out that even the recoil is slightly decreased in ADS.
Worth mentioning: ADS can not be de-scoped unlike scoped weapons.
And I’ll also repeat what I mentioned earlier. The reticle gets slowed down to make you feel like you have the same sensitivity while zooming as you do otherwise. This makes it even easier to be precise. (this obviously applies to all weapons too)
(I’ll put in an “opinion”/thought here, which is: Considering many people including myself feel this weapon is a little op, how would that change if ADS was not a thing)

Quite similar to the AR in most ways. Bullet-spread decreased, red-reticle-range increased, bullet magnetism increased in red-reticle range, aim assist range increased.
The difference I noticed was the ADS didn’t seem to affect the recoil on the Sidekick, but it’s hard to tell since the recoil is so minimal anyway.

Pulse Carbine:
Tricky weapon to test. Unlike the others this weapons seems to have more bullet magnetism while not zoomed than it does while zoomed, so it’s more alike many other weapons without ADS in that manner.
However! Do not confuse magnetism with the searching mechanic. Like the AR and Sidekick the red-reticle-range is increased while zooming and the searching function is also increased in range while zoomed. So if you want your ranged shots to search the enemy, you should zoom.
I could not notice any difference in general accuracy while not shooting enemies, the shots with this weapon seem to always go in an exact straight line with or without zoom until magnetism or the searching mechanic affects that.
Aim assist range may be increased, but I couldn’t find a good ranged location to test it since the aim assist range is far without zooming too. So I can’t say at the moment.

Plasma Pistol:
Like with the Pulse Carbine, this weapon’s aim-assist-range is so far that I couldn’t find a place far enough to test it. But the red reticle range is increased which also means that the EMP’s searching function works from further away while zooming.
Noticed no other difference than this.

Unlike the AR, there was no noticeable difference in bullet-spread. And does not seem to kill in fewer shots at range if you zoom. The magnetism seems to be the same with and without ADS if not even a little more without it, but aim assist range increased and generally easier to keep your reticle in the right place with it.
This is probably the closest to “cosmetic” it gets.

Spread is decreased, recoil remains the same, aim assist range increased.
But the most noticeable is the red reticle range. This is increased and when your reticle is red is when your bullets will follow the enemy.

There you have it. I have no idea how this compares to Halo 5, but never the less the ADS in Infinite does make a big difference and is nowhere close to any such thing as cosmetic.
Ask questions if I didn’t make myself clear at points, and point out potential inaccuracies in my analyses so we can talk about it, and check some more if need be.

I hope you’re having a blast with the flight, I am. peace!