I missed the Shotgun's sniper range

One of the best things that’s happened in CE, alongside God’s Deathbringer (Halo 1 Pistol.)

What is it you missed the most from the original Combat Evolved?

It’s still exactly the same… it still has a MASSIVE range.

I know that, I’m just saying that it feels good to use the Shotgun once again, makes life a lot easier during Flood missions.

why they took away its range so incredibly much is a dark and scary mystery.
i still have nightmares…

Oh heck yes I love the CE shotty. That thing oughta have a scope, it’s got so much range!

i miss the pistol being even remotely reliable.

seriously. you could shoot accurately and get 3 shot kills all day in halo CE.

in reach you try the same thing, flawless accuracy, and random -Yoink!- spread will drag your bullet off by upwards of 8inches to miss your target. meanwhile, the kid who got the second shot and doesnt even aim on target can now kill you because of the random spread of his MISSED shot being pulled to your head.

just the other day i was shooting my pistol. i shot 2x and got 2 bodyshots (100% accuracy). shot a third and fourth time, both 100% on-target, missing twice. the fifth shot i wasnt even aiming on target, and i land a headshot.

the CEA pistol is more random and inconsistent than the default reach DMR EVER was, AND! its more problematic because the pistol has a MUCH faster kill time.